Quote Of The Month:

"It is Christmas in the heart

that puts Christmas in the air."

Word of the month:  Success!

What makes "Sue's Country Cottage?"

Thank you for checking out our site, you are the sweetest!  ​​My name is Sue, I am a wife, mother of two boys, two cats & a dog! When I was young, my mom taught me the art of shopping, bargain hunting & instilled in me a love for antiques & collectible.  My Dad also taught me about customer service & how to sell.

During my college years, my mom operated a successful antique & gift store called the "Country Cottage of Wayzata" in Wayzata, MN.  This venue gave her an outlet for her antiques collection & fulfilled her dream of owning her own business.  Unfortunately in July of 2014, my Mom underwent two brain surgeries & almost died. As a result of this she had to move into a memory care facility thankfully my dad is at her side.  I have had the responsibility of selling their large estate that was full to the gills with antiques.  This situation made me realize my dream & is the base inventory of my shop.  

These items that I am putting out every week that have not seen public view for many years.  Items that are unique & hard to find.  In my shop I have a solid antique base from my mother, I lovingly work with local artists, distinctive upcycle dealers & the largest vintage jewelry dealer in the area to provide a unique inventory that also incorporates gift items.  

We want to offer the best to everyone who walks through our door.  Please come & see us at "Sue's Country Cottage" as I want to honor all of our mom's in the story of how we all have worked hard to be successful & the great job they have done to get us there!